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some important facts about bengals

Bengals have loads of energy

These spirited felines are highly active and almost always “on the move.” They’re typically alert—a trait required by its leopard ancestors for survival. Bengals love to play with their humans and will vocalise their desire to interact with you.

They like water

Bengals have a unique fondness for playing in the water. It’s not unusual for a Bengal to join his owner in the shower. If you own one of these playful cats, you may want to consider installing a motion-sensitive tap or a pet fountain so they can drink whenever they please.

Two are better than one

Bengals thrive with consistent interaction. These social animals enjoy spending time with their owners, so if you’re away at work most of the day, consider bringing a second kitty into your home. Bengals love having a companion to play with.

Bengals are highly trainable

Bengal cats are an incredibly smart breed. They like to learn new tricks, and they can be clicker trained to perform simple commands like retrieving toys. They can even be trained to walk alongside their owners on a lead!